How To Replace Yamaha NMAX Radiator Coolant

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Since the odometer has passed 7000 km, we take the initiative to replace the NMAX stock radiator coolant. After reading through Long Drain Interval Oil Forum (HDEO-PCMO in kaskus – indonesia local variety forum) in forum thread & facebook group, we get recommendation for a better quality coolant than NMAX stock. It is Pertamina Coolant.


But Pertamina coolant is quite difficult to find, it seldom sold in shop or Pertamina Gas Station, only in a few Pertamina Gas Station with COCO status (Company Owned, Company Operated) or for those of you more familiar with SPBU Code No.31 which run by Pertamina Retail. I buy this Pertamina Coolant in bright Supermarket in Pertamina Gas Station in Jl. Kapten Tendean, South Jakarta only costs Rp.81.000,- for 4 liter of Pertamina Coolant (Only available in this 4 liter variety).

Back to topic, we will share tutorial on how to flush & replace Yamaha NMAX Radiator coolant. In your bike manual, this type of job falls under the category of expert technician required.

If there’s a will, there’s a way (money to be saved for this matter). Its quite easy to do this at home. You only need T-Key #8, Philips head screwdriver, allen wrench, and plier.


Working Steps:
1. Take off the radiator cover by opening 3 screws with T Key #8


2. After the cover has been opened, open the radiator cap on top, then open the radiator flush screw that located below the radiator fins by using Philips screwdriver by turning it counter clockwise. Remember…, counter clockwise.




3. Remember to collect your old coolant with a basin so it won’t harm the environment. After all coolant liquid is out from radiator your job is not over. Due to unusual construction of Nmax coolant reservoir. It is lower than the radiator. We need to drain the reservoir. It brings us to step #4


4. To flush coolant from reservoir, you need to take off the tube below the reservoir, but first you need to open the cover below the board rest by opening 4 clipper using Philips screwdriver, just push the center part of the clipper than pull until it come off. Then you will see the coolant reservoir, take off the hose clipper with a plier.


5. Take off the rubber matt at the right side board rest, then take off the cover and rubber cap of the reservoir by just pulling it up vertically until it come off.

6. After you make sure there’s no previous coolant left in the reservoir & radiator, put back the cover screw at the radiator flush hole and put back the hose at the reservoir.

7. Pour the new coolant into the reservoir until it reaches the upper level, then fill the radiator until full but don’t overflow

8. Put back the rubber cover and the reservoir cap, put back the rubber board rest cover. Turn on the engine with radiator cap left open, pay close attention to the coolant level at the top of the radiator. If the coolant within the radiator doesn’t deplete or even overflow, switch off the engine and close the radiator cap until firmly fasten. If you having difficulty filling coolant into the radiator, first take off the side cover of your passenger footstep by using allen wrench.

9. Put back the radiator cover and body cover with the opposite steps from above instruction.

10. Your Nmax is ready for next activity with new and improved coolant

Here is the short tutorial on how to change coolant liquid of Yamaha Nmax, this article is not meant to direct or acting as salesperson of certain products, the attached photos is only a way to describe the instruction.

To fully refill Nmax radiator only requires maximum 1 liter of coolant (with above example it only took 800 – 900 ml), so with 4 Liter of Pertamina Coolant you can share it with 4 – 5 Nmax units.

So, besides being skilled in modifying our Nmax, we also need to have skill on taking care of our Nmax, so you will not need to fully rely on mechanic to do the job that turn out to be very simple…

Hope this article be a good use to everyone.
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