First Impression Soft Rear Absorber Genuine Accessories Yamaha NMAX

After since the first appearance in Indonesia 2 wheel market. Yamaha NMAX gets a lot of attention. Not only on technology, design, and its competitive price that brings Yamaha NMAX ahead of its competitor, but also Yamaha NMAX shortcoming as well, especially on its rear shock breaker that kinda stiff. In response to that issue Yamaha Indonesia explains that the shock breaker has gone through heavy consideration to support Yamaha NMAX character as Sport Matic that emphasize on performance & stability in maneuver.

But many complains come from customer, Yamaha Indonesia that give option to consumer that find the stock shock breaker uncomfortable by launching official accessories in Pekan Raya Jakarta (Jakarta, annual event) on 22 June 2015 that is Soft Rear Shock Absorver. They also launch several other accessories for NMAX such as Windshield, GPS Holder, Foot Panel, Knuckle Cover, Rear Rack.


Pics above is accessories for Yamaha NMAX, Thailand

Until today the availability of those accessories is very limited. Only available in small number of R-Shop in big cities. Yamaha Indonesia said that those accessories will be available on September 2015. A couple of NMAX Riders members has the chance to be first to buy and try that Soft Rear Absorber through R-Shop that cooperate with NR.


How’s the impression?

Below is the story from one of NMAX Riders, Bro Billy from Cengkareng, Jakarta.

NMAX owner would surely know the character of stock NMAX shock breaker. Every road imperfection is transferred to the rider. For Usage in smooth road with good asphalt will be good. But for daily user that majority have to go through bad road, things become very uncomfortable. Many NMAX Rider surprise when they try their bike for the first time. I’m one of them.

In my opinion, this Soft Shock breaker should become the standard / stock. It can absorb the small road imperfection better that stock shock breaker. I purposely go through my daily commute route to feel the difference between the new and old shock breaker. Using the new shock, the rebound is slower thus not all road roughness is transferred to the rider


During testing this soft shock. I go by Jl. Raya Parung, single rider. It’s a long stretch road between Bogor and South Jakarta, some part is empty, some part swarm with cars and motorbike. So you can go high speed and do many maneuver when the traffic gets crowded. I don’t feel any different with the old shock breaker. I haven’t conduct test with 2 up condition and hi-speed. With softer settings, I believe the new soft shock breaker will have tendency the bike to sway, compare to the stock shock breaker.


In the end, with total price of Rp.560.000,-. I highly recommend this soft shock breaker for those who doesn’t like the stiff character of stock NMAX shock breaker. For those who like to tune his suspension of course will have different opinion, but for the majority of NMAX Riders who is looking for ease, comfort, economic, and doesn’t want the hassle of manually tuning shock breaker, this one is the ideal choice

So, for for MaxBro & MaxSist whom prioritize comfort while riding, especially does who do single riding most of the time, this original soft rear absorber from Yamaha is the one for you. But the choice is in your hand.

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